Entrepreneurship in Schools in the South Moravian Region Project

The iKAP JMK II project is currently underway in the South Moravian Region, the aim of which is to contribute to the development of entrepreneurship in approximately 100 schools between 2020 and 2023.

Information about the project

We offer pedagogical staff from primary, secondary, higher vocational schools, and other schools in the South Moravian Region the opportunity to participate in the KAP JMK II project, or in the key activity Support for Entrepreneurship and Creativity.
The project offers schools a whole range of opportunities to support entrepreneurship in their school by working directly with students, offering P-programmes, mentoring support, or involving teachers in training lasting 80 or 20 hours. The training aims to equip future entrepreneurship coordinators with the necessary knowledge to enable them to develop entrepreneurship at their school.


November 2017 The KAPODAV project begins
February 2018  The Regional Entrepreneurship Council becomes operational
April 2018  The first cycle of studies of business coordinators 60, 20A, 20B begins
November 2018  The first business conference in South Moravia takes place
August 2020  The KAPODAV project finishes
September 2020  The IKAP project in JMK II begins
January 2021  The second training cycle of P-coordinators 80, 20A, 20B begins
February 2022 P-coordinator 20C training begins
August 2023  The IKAP project in South Moravia II finishes
“Thanks to the incorporation of entrepreneurship into teaching, my work makes more sense to me. In addition, the prestige of the school has increased in the eyes of parents, as well as the public, and the founder. The school environment, relations between pupils and teachers, and the activities of pupils have all improved, especially in the area of problem solving. They are more confident and aware that if they want to change something, they can try to do it - or that nothing is impossible.”
Mgr. Jiří Beran, Director and P-coordinator at the Višňová primary school and kindergarten

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the cooperation take place?

As part of the iKAP JMK II project, Lipka will conclude a contract with the school and a specific work agreement (DPP) with a specific P-coordinator for a period of 14 months (March 2022 – June 2023).

The scope of work of the coordinator includes the coordination and implementation of entrepreneurship education in their own school, for which they are entitled to a payment of 2,023 CZK per month (?). The P-coordinator also actively participates in the study, which, however, is not within the scope of work of the work agreement.

Who is the P-coordinator?

  • Conveys the acquired information about entrepreneurship to the management and colleagues at the school;
  • Is familiar with the offer of education in the field of entrepreneurship development support;
  • Selects, recommends, helps colleagues and students, and implements suitable entrepreneurial activities;
  • Initiates the connection of the school with practice and reality;
  • And in particular shares their experiences.

What do we offer to P-coordinators?

  • Comprehensive training lasting 80 or 20 hours;
  • Methodological support in the form of mentoring;
  • One-off educational events;
  • Networking with other active colleagues;
  • Financial reward for extra work.

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General info about the project

Implementation of KAP JMK II. Project number: CZ.02.3.68/0.0/0.0/19_078/0017177. This project is co-financed by the EU, the Slovak Republic, and the South Moravian Region. The recipient is the South Moravian Region. Lipka - school facility for environmental education is the guarantor of key activity 2. Entrepreneurship Support.