Entrepreneurial Mindset


Enterpreneurial Mindset is a platform offering various forms of support for teachers, students, educators, school principals and managers of various institutes as well as education stakeholders.


Entrepreneurship education prepares students to cope with the rapid and frequent changes that the 21st century brings to all areas of life.

Participants in further education in entrepreneurshipors
Realized student mini-projects
Trained entrepreneurship coordinators

We help schools guide pupils and students towards entrepreneurship      

Our vision

  • Stable support for individuals and schools to develop entrepreneurship education.
  • A community of educators sharing their experiences and good practice.
  • Methodological support to implement entrepreneurship education in the school curriculum.
  • Up to date website offering top-quality materials, inspiration, and sources.
  • A handbook for teachers to help them step by step.
  • The "Entrepreneurial School" label designed to motivate and systemic support to stimulate schools to teach students to embrace entrepreneurship and sustainable life.

What do we offer?

We offer pedagogical staff from primary, secondary, higher vocational schools, and other schools in the South Moravian Region the opportunity to participate in our acitvities.
  • Comprehensive training lasting 80 or 20 hours;
  • Methodological support in the form of mentoring;
  • Annual conferences;
  • Networking with other active colleagues;
  • Activities to engage school principals;
  • Summer schools for both teachers and students;
  • Specially developed programs for active students.

Let’s inspire each other !

Let us show you round the schools where entrepreneurship education has become the main pillar of their attitude to education of students and where entrepreneurship has become their natural climate.
We’ll introduce you to inspiring educators who work as coordinators of entrepreneurship education at their schools and provide related support for their colleagues.
Our aim is to help schools get first-hand experience. Come share the experience you’ve gained on your way to entrepreneurship with students, invite them to your companies or offer them internships.
We’re open to cooperation and sharing of experience in terms of support of entrepreneurship in both formal and informal education.
We’re looking for inspiration abroad as part of the Erasmus+ Mobility program. We may become your partner!
Feel free to contact us!

Do you want to get involved?

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Hana Šolcová
Hana Šolcová
“Thanks to the incorporation of entrepreneurship into teaching, my work makes more sense to me. In addition, the prestige of the school has increased in the eyes of parents, as well as the public, and the founder. The school environment, relations between pupils and teachers, and the activities of pupils have all improved, especially in the area of problem solving. They are more confident and aware that if they want to change something, they can try to do it - or that nothing is impossible.”
Mgr. Jiří Beran, Director and P-coordinator at the Višňová primary school and kindergarten